Thursday, 19 April 2012

£5 and Less Asda Advert

In March I was part of the creative team for the latest spring £5 Asda television advert for a day, helping with the set up preparations for filming. We projected £5 symbol on the floor and arranged the Asda products in a colour-coordinated pattern following symbol.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Manifestation of Control

This costume I designed and made in response to Hampton Courts baroque quarters. We where asked to create a costume for the opening night of a new baroque exhibition starting in May.

The manifestation, my muse, for the do and dont’s, the regulations the twisted rules, the lies, the living with in a world where personal identity or true thought has been manipulated and lost – nothing is an expression of self. This muse embodies everything that’s grotest and distasteful of traits from our human fraditiety. The ‘manifestation’ controls the world below with his arms, as his hands are left for devils work. He can not talk or really move, except for the slow creaking of his arms. As people acted out their lies and greed his head enlarges as his body slowly dies. This is as if he started as a man and slowly mutates into a sketon of a died foetus. 

Sunday, 4 December 2011

House of Marley

In November Sarah and I assisted Cecilia Carey and Emma Rios in set dressing the CafĂ© de Paris for a House of Marley launch night of their new line headphones. We did a days work with prop construction and assisted at the get in, managed to say for the event as well thoroughly enjoyable!