Wednesday, 8 June 2011

And I And Silence by Naomi Wallace - Finborought Theatre

Here I was assisting on the production 'And I And Silence', helping mainly with the costume and a bit of the set. This work experience was a fantastic insight into a small theatre company and great to see the potential even the smallest of theatres can have. I got to see and work within many different aspects of the run up to the performance and meet some lovely people just starting out in the industry. The play has been receiving great reviews!

costumes -

                          To age these dresses I used potassium, magic spray and distressing techniques.
                      Here i had to take up two pairs of leggings so they would appare as long johns.

me and Sarah Mercade worked together to make a few items of the set.
                 We made a mattress, we potasumed the fabric, corded the sides and cover buttons.


   This is a little wall hanging I made from the odd bits in my sowing box attached to some plated string.