Sunday, 3 July 2011

Qué Pasan Con Los Nietos.

 Lucia ask me to create a piece of work for an exhibition she was curating in Madrid, I jump at the chance!


  ' other matters, this is a message-proposal that I need you to spread among your friends there. I am organizing the next exhibition in the elderly centre below my home, and I am looking for photos or drawings or anything that can be send through the post from London, so that I am able to hang it here when it arrives (and afterwards send it back)

the THEME, the title of the show, goes around 'WHAT HAPPENS WITH THE GRANDSONS'
I know it's ambiguous, you can treat it as you wish, but the main thing is, what will happen with our grandson's world? Or what happens with the grandsons now, being cared for by the grandparents because both their parents work late. Or the new generation of grandsons that grow up without siblings because in general people can't afford having more than one son, and then they become completely spoiled and glued to the media shitty teenagers, and then they become us, any of this, or anything else.'

I reacted with,


I’ve done it! Now it’s a bit weird and quite conceptual. But the fading climbing frames (some with half drawn images of the sun on it) represent the deterioration of the quality of our grandsons childhood, due to changes in environment, quality’s of life and so on. These climbing frames I drew then scanned in, altered in Photoshop and then placed on top of a picture I took of a piece of wood that has been manipulated by man. I did this to portray the idea that we shouldn't mess with nature because of the problems it will course later on (for example deforestation). With the industrial side still so strong pasting through not changing or slowing down. Now I don't know if that has made any sense to you! I did it on Photoshop for ease, also I think it should be printed out A5 me thinks!?'

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