Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Great Train Dance

Cecilia Carey (who I have previously worked for before on ‘And I And Silence’) got in contact with me and Sarah Mercade, too ask for are assistance her on this project. This project was a mixture of buying, altering and making. 

Dutchess/Mother -

I had to add this central panel which velcro’s together, to the duchess coat, to make it slightly bigger and also creates a way of opening and closing the jacket that was not there before. I also helped to start the process of the wig, which I will have pictures of soon.
I was given a very nice old tailcoat for the rhino. I had to add a panel of stretchy fabric down the centre back. I sowed wire into the lining of each tail, and spray paint two wire hangers black and sow them into each tail to create a more animalistic appearance. Then I was given a hair-dressing mat. Which I need to make bigger by and inch, cover with a woollen fabric and add cording round the side with purple ribbon. 
Dress rehearsal,
     Elderly Nelly and Gorden,
The Rhino/Father 
Filming for the BBC,
The Production,

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