Monday, 10 January 2011

My version of Solveig from Peer Gynt


I want her to be living in the section of the set that will represent the council block. A council block takes people that have been rejected from society, regardless of their background or what kind of people they are. It is seen as the council’s way of doing the ‘christen thing’.  They are tall white buildings, reaching high into the sky, towering over and standing out from most other buildings. Which I feel can creating this holly iconography. I would want Solvieg to be at the top of this building putting her at a different level from everyone els that Peer meets, through his travels. Yet her to be very much grounded to the room she is in, slowly turning into the room as she waits. As if she was to be sat down with an overhead projection of a picture of the wall behind her, over the top of her. 


Fake tiles i made from vacuum forming around blocks of wood then painting with acylic paint - - 
and my cardigan with the same indentation with buttons that are on the arm chair, i made this buy making a slightly smaller arm with a drill fabric then wadding in between that and the cardigan, I'm going to partially dye this green on monday to match the chair! 

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